The Byzantium PDF


A study guide to help you navigate financial markets.

92 pages, 8 topics and 16 quick tips.
The document includes all kinds of different subjects that range from risk management, to using specific technical tools, to practical and simple tips and tricks.

It's mainly focused on the crypto market, although some of the concepts discussed can be applied to other markets.




There are lots of visuals like charts, cheat sheets, practical trade examples and so on to make it easier
to process all the information.

This PDF is perfectly suited for beginners and traders of intermediate skill level.

Price: $30



The Beacon Education Group


The Beacon is a group run by Byzantine General (@Byzgeneral on twitter) and Mr Chief (@HaloCrypto on twitter) that aims to give traders a better understanding of the inner workings of the crypto market.

Subscribers can expect educational content about market structure, classical technical analysis, liquidity engineering, on-chain analysis, derivatives market data analysis, how to use specific indicators, occasional alpha leaks, etc.

Price: $100/month

For more info and to get on the waiting list go to: TWITTER